We are the next generation of estate agents
Utilising cutting edge marketing, negotiation & communication techniques, House Property Agents is the next level of real estate; If we have one goal, that is to be better than ALL of our competitors – In every single department. Superior marketing, more advanced technology, sharper skills and better people – This is the HOUSE way.
Find out more about our philosophy and ideals
Of all the commodities that we buy, sell and trade on a regular basis, real estate is distinctly different from anything else in our lives. At its very core are notions of identity, status, family & personal achievement. Memories become synonymous with it; The children growing up, much loved pets that came and sadly went, recollections of gatherings with loved ones now passed; Our home is more than a commodity – It is a part of our greater selves.

This is the beating heart of House Property Agents – The notion of what it means to be at home. We understand what it means to you; We understand how important your property is to you both emotionally and financially – For most, the family home is their greatest source of wealth. We intend to keep it that way.

Come and join us on your personal real estate journey – We are as excited as you are to see what is around the corner!

A Summary of the Services we Provide
Property Sales
Expert property advice and services, for buyers and sellers.
Whether you’re selling or buying, this is what we do. Book a consultation with one of our experts and discover the world of real estate.
Leasing Services
Linking prospective tenants with rental properties
Our name says it all – We are all about the house and the people who live in it. Not everyone is ready to buy a property, and we’re ready to help everyone find a home.
Professional Marketing
Add value to your property through powerful marketing techniques.
Did you know that quality marketing can add tens of thousands of dollars to the value of your property? Ask us how.
Asset Management
Your nest egg is in safe hands with House
You worked hard to acquire your investments and you can rest assured that we will treat them with care and dilligence. We work hard to ensure our property management services are second to none.
Financial Services
Our one stop shop can help you with your finances as well.
Through our well resourced finance arm, we can provide you with the right advice to get you where you need to go.
Have peace of mind knowing your future is insured
Our insurance department can provide all the cover you need to sleep sound at night – Knowing your hard earned assets are secure.