Nick Psaros

Nick Psaros

Real Estate Sales Agent

With almost 20 years experience selling real estate all over the southside of Brisbane, Nick Psaros is a highly skilled real estate professional and the ideal choice to conduct your next sale.

Having worked for several high-profile offices in the region, including both major franchise and independent companies, Nick has drawn a vast wealth of experience that spans all different market conditions. He has seen the rise and fall of the market on multiple occasions and has the skill set to assist his clients with pinpoint advice and guidance, irrespective of the prevailing market conditions.

Nick lives locally and prides himself on knowing his area – This is the key to obtaining maximum value. He has sold hundreds of properties across Logan City and beyond, and would love to talk to you about your property and how he can help assist you with your next real estate transaction.

Call Nick today on 0411 315 638 for expert advice on anything real estate.