Buying And Selling In The Age Of Covid-19

Buying And Selling In The Age Of Covid-19

28 March 2020

These are challenging times we live in. People are concerned about their health, their families, their livelihoods.

They are concerned about the future. They are concerned what the Covid-19 pandemic means for our economy, our children’s future. For many, their family home is their biggest asset and they are concerned about the implications Coronavirus might have on the real estate market and property values. And if you have been planning a move, how does all this affect your chances of pulling it off? Can you still go through with your plans? Is it even possible with all these restrictions on movement and activity?

At House, we are working overtime to find solutions for you in these troubled times. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. In addition to several hundred years of combined real estate experience and know-how, we are also assembling the best digital resources that modern technology has to offer, ensuring we can provide a virtual property buying and selling experience tailored for a world where face- to-face and physical contact is essentially prohibited.

We are currently offering the following initiatives to alleviate the concerns of anxious buyers and sellers:

  1. Virtual video tours – Buyers can “virtually” inspect your property with our video fly-throughs, available for a limited time at a discount rate. Add some wow factor to your marketing campaign!
  2. 3D Virtual Inspections – Utilising Matterport’s 3D virtual camera technology, we can create a full 3D virtual inspection of the property which can be viewed on any device. Ideal for a world where physical property inspections are prohibited.
  3. On-line Auctions & Offer Management – Through MarketBuy, the revolutionary on-line offer management software, we can take
    offers, make counter-offers, manage multiple offer scenarios and even run full Auction campaigns all at the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen.
  4. E-Signature Software – House uses and endorses DocuSign, the electronic document signing software that has changed the way we execute forms and contracts. No printing or scanning required – Can all be done from the safety of your home using nothing more than your mobile device.
  5. Image Enhancement Capabilities – In the event of a lockdown, where accessing your property to take photos could be very difficult, we can utilise on-line image enhancement services to “lift” your very own photos to professional grade images. We can even convert dreary daytime photos to sparkling twlight shots, all for a staggeringly low cost.

Despite the recent restrictions that have been implemented preventing us from running on-site Auctions or open houses, we are still conducting private property viewings and market appraisals by appointment so contact your local sales agent if you are requiring assistance and advice with selling or wish to inspect one of our property listings.

And please remember, the safety of the entire House Family is our number 1 priority so please follow hygiene protocols, practice social distancing and keep you and your family safe.

Take care and please feel free to get in touch if you have questions about anything real estate related.

‘Til next time, ciao ?

Lee Knutsen

Article by Lee Knutsen

Co-founder & Managing Director of House, Lee Knutsen first entered the real estate industry in 2006 as a residential sales specialist. After more than a decade as a sales agent…

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