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Chapter 1 – What is the value of property?

Real estate is one of those rare things in life that has no recommended retail price. Two almost identical homes in the same street can often sell for two vastly different prices. The reason for this is usually simple – One has typically been presented and/or marketed poorly, often under the false pretense of saving money, whereas the other has been presented immaculately and marketed effectively. This makes all the difference.

Often I get asked why this is, why flashy presentation and glossy marketing can so drastically alter the price of one property when, despite the differences on the surface, it is essentially the same as another property nearby which sold for far less. How can this be? The answer is thus: Although the reality of the two properties is virtually identical, the perception, in the eyes of prospective buyers, is that one is far better than the other.

Anyone can sell a house – You as the seller are free to sell your property yourself should you wish to – But it takes a skilled marketer to unlock the true potential value hidden within the bricks and mortar. When a property is clean and neatly presented, and marketed in a way that brings out its best features and benefits, buyers can far more easily picture themselves living there. Their perception of the property is better, and as a result, their perception of its value is higher.

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