House Managing Director Lee Knutsen gives advice to home sellers wondering how to go about selling during the Coronavirus pandemic - And why in an uncertain market, experience counts for more than technological gimmickry.
Our aim is to empower our clients with all of the necessary resources and knowledge you need to make the right decisions and maximise your property's value.
Selling your property can be a nerve-wracking experience, so we’re here to minimise the stress and maximise the profits for you. Knowledge is power, and with the right information and know-how, you can confidently select the right agent, present your property to its maximum potential and deploy a marketing campaign that showcases it in its best light. At House, we can help you with:
Selecting an agent
Making sure you engage a real estate professional who can demonstrate competency and proficiency in marketing, communication and negotiation.
Nominating a pricing strategy
Providing you with the relevant market information to not only determine your property’s value, but select a pricing strategy that is suitable for you.
Pre-sale preparation
Advising you on necessary refurbishments that will help bolster the saleability of your property – And linking you with trade professionals that can help.
From selling to sold
Getting your property from pre-sale through to live marketing and negotiations right through until settlement – We’re with you every step of the way.
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The power of on-line marketing
The internet has revolutionised the world we live in.
From the launch of the World Wide Web in the early 1990’s, to the the development of the smart phone in the early 2000’s to the more recent advent of social media networking, it’s difficult to even fathom how much our lives have changed over the past three decades. The ways in which we communicate and shop for goods and services have been revolutionised, and entire industries have been either transformed or in some cases, wiped out by these sweeping changes. Yet many real estate agents still cling to antiquated marketing methods, unable to grasp the fact that the rest of the world has moved on. At House, you can be sure that we have moved right along with you; Our digital marketing strategies are second to none.

Getting your marketing campaign right is crucial to obtaining the highest possible price. The formula for success in today’s marketing landscape can be summarised by the following three stage process:


Outstanding Presentation
Premium Content
Prime Positioning

On-line Statistics

Percentage of buyers who use on-line portals to search for property 86%
% of buyers who use multiple devices when searching on-line 74%
% of buyers who don't reach page 2 of search results 53%
Be where the eyeballs are

The customer base has shifted almost completely from traditional media to on-line

Ten or fifteen years ago, the world of real estate was a different place. Agents and vendors spent heavily on print media campaigns in local and metropolitan newspapers, and the likes of realestate.com.au were still in their infancy and generally seen as little more than a cheap alternative to tradtional advertising. Fast forward to today and the user base has shifted almost completely to on-line portals, smart-phone apps and social media.

86% of buyers now use on-line as their preferred method of shopping for property. This is significant, and with so much competition it’s important that your property stands out from the hundreds of others for sale in your area.

Average minutes per day spent on facebook
% of youtube views that occur from mobile devices
% of Instagram users who follow at least 1 business
Number of tweets that are posted every second
The most important marketing tool in the world right now
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Property sale timeline
A brief description of the sequence of events that occurs when you sell your property.

First thoughts of selling, appraisal inspection with agent booked
The first seeds have been sown and you have decided to contact an agent to discuss selling your property. Luckily, House Property Agents are active in your area and a sales professional phones you back quickly and an appraisal appointment is booked.
Your first meeting with your real estate agent
Your real estate sale professional will come to visit you to discuss the likely value of your property, fees and charges, and offer advice on any works or improvements that could be done to the property to help expedite the sale. You are happy with everything and decide to move forward with a nominated campaign launch date agreed upon with the agent.
The property is ready to go on the market
Now that you have completed your tidy-up and/or refurbishment works, your House Estate Agent will now conduct what we call a “soft launch” – Where we arrange to photograph the property, procure advertising copy and conduct an internal marketing launch to the existing buyer database to determine if your home is suitable any of our existing buyer customers.