Deebing Heights Suburb Profile

Deebing Heights Suburb Profile

28 May 2024

The suburb of Deebing Heights is a buzzing residential development area which forms a part of the Ripley Valley Priority Development Area scheme, implemented in 2010. Today, it has a population of more than 4,000 people and the median house price as of May 2024 sits at $638,000, up 9.1% from the year before. It is an area with rich history, stunning geography and fantastic growth potential, with the Ripley Valley PDA being a major State Government project which is slated to one day be home to more than 130,000 people.



The area takes its name from Deebing Creek, a tributary of the Bremer River which runs south through Yamanto and Ripley through the Grampian Hills reaching its terminus to the east of the Paradise Heights estate. The word “Deebing” is derived from the Aboriginal word dibing, which means Mosquito.


The area now known as Deebing Heights was originally designated in the early days of European settlement as an Aboriginal land reserve known as the Deebing Creek Mission. This land (mostly situated on and around Grampian Drive which today is the main road link between the two main residential estates) was gazetted as an Aboriginal reserve in 1892 and the mission itself was built between 1887 and 1915.

The mission continued its operation until 1915 when it was abandoned and moved to a different location at Purga. The land came under the control of the Salvation Army shortly thereafter and was used primarily for grazing, and the area remained mostly undeveloped until the 1990’s when residential subdivisions began, although certain pockets were declared protected Aboriginal burial grounds in the 1970’s. The site of the original Deebing Creek Mission was heritage listed in 2004.

Urban Development

Residential development began in the area in the early 1990’s when Winland Developments began the first of two subdivisions, the first being a premier acreage estate to the south known as Paradise Heights, the second being a smaller development further north towards the Cunningham Highway corridor.

Further development occurred throughout the early 2000’s and Deebing Heights was officially established as a suburb in its own right on 2nd July 2004. New residential subdivisions would continue through the 2010’s with the development of Sovereign Pocket, between the Cunningham and Centenary Highway corridors. This development also included the area’s first school in Deebing Heights State School on Rawlings Road in 2016.

Deebing Heights State School on Rawlings Road opened in 2016.

The most recent completed subdivision, known as Torhaven, received development approval from Ipswich City Council in 2017, with the first stage completed in early 2019 and the final stages completed in 2022. Situated to the south of Rawlings Road, encompasses 305 land lots. Current development projects in the area currently consist of the Deebing Springs estate adjacent to Torhaven (opposite side of Grampian Drive), being developed by AV Jennings, and the Highgrove and South Place subdivisions currently underway south of the Centenary Highway near Paradise Heights.

Defence Housing Australia

Due to its close proximity to the RAAF Base at Amberley only 11 km to the west, Deebing Heights was earmarked early on by Defence Housing Australia (DHA) as a prime site for housing Defence Force personnel, and as such large portions of the main residential subdivisions have been retained for this purpose. A total of 90 homes from the recently established Torhaven estate have been withheld from public sale for the express purpose of Defence Force housing.

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