Meadowbrook Suburb Profile

Meadowbrook Suburb Profile

21 February 2023

Meadowbrook is a quiet, leafy residential suburb of Logan on the south-side of Brisbane, QLD Australia, approximately 27km from Brisbane City. With excellent health, education and transport links, it is an area that is consistently in high demand – Logan Hospital, Logan TAFE, Logan Golf Course and Griffith University Logan Campus are all located here.


The area now known as Meadowbrook was originally part of the neighbouring area of Loganlea and was primarily utilised as farmland – Cotton, sugar, corn, millet and maize, as well as poultry, pigs and dairy farming. It was originally settled by the Armstrong family in 1860 but the northern reaches (near where Griffith university now stands) were also occupied by the Shailer and Fuller families and later by John Morrow in the 1890’s. By this stage, the primary use for the area was dairy farming.

The original housing estate which is bookended by Armstrong Road in the south and the Logan motorway in the north was developed from 1987 as Meadowbank, which at the time was a subdivision of Loganlea. The suburb of Meadowbrook was officially gazetted in October 1991, not long after the opening of Logan Hospital and Logan TAFE on Armstrong Road the year before.

In 1995, the area north of the Logan Motorway (the “Ellerslie” estate established by John Morrow) was sold off to Suncorp who developed the Meadowbrook Lakes estate adjacent to Loganlea Road, with a parcel to the east being sold to the Department of Education for the Griffith University Logan Campus, which subsequently opened in 1998. The Meadowbrook Lakes Housing estate began construction in 2001 and the final stages were completed next to Logan Golf Club in 2003.


Meadowbrook is a mixed use precinct, featuring a combination of residential housing, commercial/industrial and open/green space. The two residential estates that sit either side of the Logan Motorway consist of mostly detached, modern low-set brick style homes although a number of unit and townhouse complexes exist along University Drive. The Meadowbrook Shopping Centre (anchored by Woolworths) was completed in 2015 and has transformed the area into a dynamic, buzzing suburban centre, featuring specialty shops, dining facilities and more.

Logan Golf Club. Source: Golf Australia

The 10ha Riverdale Park which straddles the Logan River is one of Logan City’s premier open space facilities, boasting vast open space, gas barbecues, walking tracks with exercise equipment, dog-off-leash areas and even a Parkour facility.


Meadowbrook is one of Logan City’s major commercial hubs, featuring an array of major health, education and transport facilities, including:

  • Logan Hospital
  • Griffith University Logan Campus
  • Logan TAFE
  • Meadowbrook Shopping Centre (anchored by Woolworths)
  • Loganlea Railway Station

Logan Hospital. Source: Metro South Health


In 2013, Logan City Council developed a series of Master Plans for precincts that they designated as being “future hubs”. Meadowbrook was one of these, and the Meadowbrook Master Plan 2016 identified the area as being an important health, education and wellbeing hub. The first stages of the new development were completed in 2021, with a major upgrade of the Loganlea Road/Edenlea Drive intersection which added enhanced pedestrian amenity, an updated streetscape and additional plants and street art.

As of 2023, a major upgrade of Logan Hospital is currently underway and the long-awaited upgrade of Loganlea Road from 4 lanes to 6 is imminent. The relocation of Loganlea Railway Station has also been greenlit, which would realign the station 300m south to provide better access to Logan Hospital.

More information on the implementation program for the Meadowbrook Master Plan can be found here.

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